Daily Prompts, Writing

Daily Prompt #2

“I’ll kill you.”

“Darling, I’m already dead.”

His cold eyes watch her as if daring her to refute his words. She swipes her hand past her split lip and it returns to her bloody. The metallic taste of blood, which she spits at his feet, binds her to mortality.

“Don’t,” she whispers taking a step forward.

He steps back, barely shaking his head. The night deepens into dark shades of purple, similar to the colors that canvas her face.

“You know it’s for the best,” he doesn’t look at her but steps back toward the shadows of the forest.

“Stop.” Her hand reaches out, before dropping uselessly at her side. “You didn’t cause this.”

“I might as well have well,” his eyes follow the dark path through the forest, one only he can see. He cannot bare to look upon her face. “Goodbye, Red.”

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