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My Favorite Spotify Playlists to Listen to While Writing

Every writer, artist, etc. follows a different routine to get into the creative zone or have date-night with our respective muses. Not everyone can listen to music while writing, but for me, it almost always helps me get STARTED. As anyone who has ever endeavored to finish a creative project knows, starting sometimes is the hardest step.


Below are several playlists I like to listen to while writing:


An Elegant Affair by Spotify

I love to listen to this playlist when I am writing about love. It’s filled with classic love songs from Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc. Basically, songs you’d want to dance to at your wedding or those you’d find on the soundtracks of Romantic movies.



Peaceful Piano by Spotify

This playlist is perfect for those times you just want some peaceful background music—well five hours’ worth.

Romantic Era 50: Spotify Picks by Spotify

This playlist is also great for romantic moments and always brings to mind grand scenes which unfold upon elegant ballrooms.


Feelin’ Good by Spotify

For some reason, nothing makes me feel better than upbeat 1960s music filled with soul. This playlist just gets my feet movie and my finger itching to write about something happy and nostalgic.


Indian Flute Meditation by William Edmands

26 hours’ worth of soothing Indian flute, what could be better? There’s something both invigorating and calming about this playlist. Sometimes, I write better with lyrics, but for the times I want background noise I always look to this playlist.


Essence of the Renaissance by Spotify

Nothing like Gregorian chants to bring you to the past. This playlist feels ancient and brings to me a feeling of timelessness. It will be perfect for any writer of high fantasy.

What are your favorite playlists to listen to while writing/creating? Do you enjoy listening to music while writing/creating?

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