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Hey, so the reason I kinda, sorta, at least a little bit know, a thing or two about writing, is because I wrote a book. Yay! Right now it’s out in the vast world of querying, its little sails rattling against the wind and it’s probably sprung a few leaks along the way, but it’s still a completed book.

My novel is called RED SKY AT MORNING, it will be a part of a larger Crimson Crown series. (Writing the sequel terrifies me, tbh). It’s a neo-Victorian mystery, if you’d like to learn more about that click here.

For some background here’s the body of my query:

It is spring of 1884, the London Season has just begun, and “the Poisoner” has returned for revenge. Only Lord Alexander Rocque stands in the crime boss’s path, even if he’d rather return to the Royal Navy. To make matters worse, Lord Alexander finds himself saddled with a not-so damsel in distress, Lady Margaret Savoy who finds herself named a suspect in his case.

Her plans for the season, which included hiding behind the wallflowers and consuming “Penny Dreadfuls,” go up in smoke. Forced to work with the arrogant and all too flirtatious young lord, she resists uncovering her painful past. However, she doesn’t have a choice. Her past holds the key to “the Poisoner’s” plot for revenge, one which is of interest to the Crown.

Following a vanishing trail of murders, the pair must learn to trust one another, and avoid locking lips, as they travel through London in search of clues. Always one step ahead, “the Poisoner” actively pursues Margaret from the shadows, an unidentifiable figure of the London underground. In the end, throwing the young sleuths into a world far bigger than their own. Together, they uncover murder, criminal enterprise, Roma revenge, and familial betrayal.

Dun. Dun. DUUUUUN. (Obviously not in the query).

If you’re DYING to learn more about me and my book please click here.

Anywho, after scrolling through the world of Twitter I came across this THING. A really cool THING where you use pictures to depict your book or a certain set of characters. A mood board of sorts. I thought I’d give it a try.

Lady Margaret Savoy

Main character. She is a poor relation, orphan, and mixed-blooded, all of which are not a good mix in late Victorian England. Yet, she has inner strength, innate curiosity, and humorous wit. She’s shy, but will always stand for what is right if she can. These photos represent pieces of her.

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Photo credits: Quote, Portrait, LavenderQueen of CupsAthena.


Lord Alexander Rocque III

Main character. Outwardly, Lord Alexander is arrogant and often runs over Margaret without realizing it. Inwardly, he is highly complex, filled with intense pain and guilt. A boy who grew to be a man far too soon. Someone who loves to laugh and cajole to hide deep insecurities and fears. Honor and loyalty are incredibly important to him. These photos represent pieces of him.

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Stay tuned, I may create more boards later. If you’d like to give it a shot, please comment with the link to your blog post. I’d love to check it out!



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