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My Writing Routine (Part I: How to Begin)

I’m lucky that now, after about two years of serious writing, I can force myself to talk to my muse, even if neither of us is up for a conversation. However, that was not always the case. For many, the action of sitting down and WRITING can be the hardest step. Many of us lead incredibly busy and active lives, so much so, that it’s hard to delve into that special part of our brain used for creativity. It can be an even greater challenge when your write or work creatively for a living because often times it will feel like you’ve run out of energy for your own creative works.

As a sophomore in college, I am carrying seventeen credit hours, a ten hour a week research position, a Resident Assistant Position (normally 11-21 hours a week), I volunteer two hours a week, and am heavily involved on campus. Whew. A part of me really wants to take a 24hr nap.  Compared to any other year in my life, I’m the busiest I’ve ever been. Yet, I want to take the time to write. So far it’s been rather difficult, but I’m hoping I can follow my normal writing routine again.

In the photo above, I’ve created a graphic for the things I think about or do before I begin writing. Maybe it can help you too? The best writing routine, however, is one that fits how you work. I am the type of person who can work for long chunks of time and I am very proactive in keeping myself organized. Others may only be able to work for short bursts and are less organized. All of which is fine, the important thing is to WRITE.

In a later post, I’d like to talk about how I write once I’ve passed the daunting start.

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