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Rejection Letters (YAY!)

Hey *waves* it seems like I am bent on talking about rejection these last two weeks… And if you read this post you’ll understand why, YIPEE. Rejection sucks, but it is the only way any aspiring author will become an AUTHOR.

 “By the time I was fourteen the nail in my wall would no longer support the weight of the rejection slips impaled upon it. I replaced the nail with a spike and went on writing.” ― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft  

(If you haven’t read this book yet, you should).

Well, since we no longer live in a world where we get rejections that can be nailed to the wall, without wasting ink (damn, is that stuff pricey). I thought I’d post some of my rejections here (with names removed, of course).

Dear Beatrix,

Thank you for sending your manuscript RED SKY AT MORNING and thank you for your patience as I considered it. Unfortunately, I did not fall in love with this story as much as I hoped. I must regretfully decline this opportunity to take on your representation. While I was excited by the premise of this manuscript, I didn’t connect with the voice. Again, thank you, and I wish you the best of luck as you continue to write.


[Agent who had my full for three months and only sent a form]

Dear Beatrix:
Thank you so much for your patience. I had set aside a bunch of queries that needed a closer read. I blinked and here we are already into late August. So I apologize for how long I took to get back to you. 
I’m so glad you stayed for the Lit Fest party. It can be unnerving for your first one but I bet you made some awesome connections that you’ll have for years to come. So yay!
For the revised version of RED SKY AT MORNING, I thought your pages much improved but alas, still not quite right for me.  Because I’m careful to keep my client list manageable, I’m being really selective about what I request. However, I think another agent is going to be intrigued enough to ask for the manuscript and I’m sorry I can’t offer a referral. 
Good luck with all your publishing endeavors. 
[Agent who probably wasn’t the best fit anyway] 

Update 6/15/2017: So this happened…

Dear Beatrix,

Thank you so much for sharing a sample of Red Sky at Morning (she had my full). It has the recipe of the exact kind of neo-Victorian mystery I’m looking for — the language, the setting, the comparative titles, the situation Margaret finds herself entangled in, everything! While I enjoyed what I read of the sample, I’m sorry to say I didn’t connect to the voice like I’d hoped. You need the right person to champion your writing from beginning to end. I wish you luck in finding that perfect agent match — no doubt it’ll be soon!
[The nicest agent ever]
As you can see, none of these letters are particularly helpful, which is why I’m finding it hard to figure out my next steps. Any thoughts? What the heck do they mean by voice? Is that just subjective? 
Thank you!

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