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What am I up to?

I am at the point in the semester where everything is barreling at me with the speed of a runaway train…but it’s fine…really… And even though my impending doom is nigh I have decided to attempt and fail at National Novel Writing Month (for the second time). It’s a sacred time where all of your writing friends look stressed for an entire month. L O L we always looked stressed. If you don’t know about NaNoWriMo check it out here.


Anywho as I am waiting to hear back from agents on my brilliant 😉 YA Victorian Mystery–I thought I’d write something completely for fun! Last year I wrote about 6,000 words and I am hoping I can beat that record this year (even though I have several huge papers due this month (yay, college)).



A gothic steampunk about a Jewish demon huntress (i.e. a Regency-era Buffy) pursuing Lord Byron and the shedim that possesses his soul, while saving the guy (a la Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable).

Is it marketable? Heck if I know. Will anyone else want to read it? Maybe… Will I have fun? Heck yeah!

Novel Aesthetic



Do any of you have any title ideas?? HALP.

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