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To the Little Girl Who Couldn’t Read: An Intellectual Biography

For my history honors program at Emory University, we have to write an Intellectual Biography (a story of our academic journey). I thought I’d post it below (with some embellishments of course)… The Beginning… In first grade, my mother found out I couldn’t read when she accidentally skipped a page in my favorite picture book… Read More To the Little Girl Who Couldn’t Read: An Intellectual Biography

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Zero to Hero?

via GIPHY Since spring of 2011, I have been working on a project that has taken many forms throughout the years and stood as my education in WRITING. It started first as BENEATH THE GRANDFATHER CLOCK, a book with little plot coherency, horrible pacing, and a word count of fewer than 50,000 words when its… Read More Zero to Hero?

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What am I up to?

I am at the point in the semester where everything is barreling at me with the speed of a runaway train…but it’s fine…really… And even though my impending doom is nigh I have decided to attempt and fail at National Novel Writing Month (for the second time). It’s a sacred time where all of your… Read More What am I up to?

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Novel Aesthetics

Novel Aesthetics – A visual collage that inspires/sums up your narrative (see the below). Red Sky at Morning, a YA Victorian mystery, by Beatrix Conti – complete at 77,000 words. As the London Season of 1884 opens, Lady Margaret Savoy wants nothing more than to hide behind the wallflowers and devour “Penny Dreadfuls” to avoid… Read More Novel Aesthetics

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A Look at My Bookshelf (Part I: Historical Research)

Books. Who’d have thought they’d still be in fashion when the internet lies at your fingertips (just kidding)? As someone who utilizes both traditional and modern research techniques to create my Victorian world, both methods have their cons and pros. In this piece, I am bowing down to the book for this list of research… Read More A Look at My Bookshelf (Part I: Historical Research)


Long time no see…

via GIPHY Hello everyone! Sorry I have been gone so long! I have been in the middle of a massive revise and resubmit on my novel since the end of December (moving from present tense to past tense…..oh, boy). What I think of my revision skills: via GIPHY My actual revision skills: via GIPHY Also,… Read More Long time no see…

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Rejection Though…

I “finally” received a response from the literary agent who requested my full in early July. It was a no, but not even just a no, but the dreaded form rejection. I won’t lie and say that wasn’t completely disheartening—or rather like a punch to the gut by John Cena, and John Cena loves everyone.… Read More Rejection Though…