A Poem: Casting Off

Casting Off by Beatrix Conti As if in repose— Asleep beneath a warm sun, As if it will awaken— Stretch its wings. Fluff its feathers. Spring forth anew.   Yet, birds do not lie upon their sides like content cats. Eyes crescents. Smiles upon their faces. No.   Birds watch you from the tree tops.… Read More A Poem: Casting Off


Daily Prompt #11

“Judge if you want, we are all going to die,” Flint glared at the surrounding crowd, a fire blazing in his eyes. “I intend to deserve it.” Flint turned from the crowd, the people he’d grown up with, and the only home he’d ever known. The Empire was coming for them tonight. They had attacked… Read More Daily Prompt #11


Character Boards

Hey, so the reason I kinda, sorta, at least a little bit know, a thing or two about writing, is because I wrote a book. Yay! Right now it’s out in the vast world of querying, its little sails rattling against the wind and it’s probably sprung a few leaks along the way, but it’s… Read More Character Boards

Daily Prompts, Writing

Daily Prompt #10

She could have been a queen in some exotic land for the way she stood outside that bordello. And perhaps she was. The hot desert sun beat against his brow, sending droplets of sweat across his sun-goldened complexion. In the distance, a sandstorm brewed, dancing up to touch the disappearing clouds. They filtered languidly across… Read More Daily Prompt #10